Renewable Energy Project Purchases

Delta Energy Services helps our customers mitigate the supply reliability and price volatility of traditional energy through the following array of services:

  • Energy efficiency evaluations.
  • Fuel-switching evaluations.
  • On-site renewable power generation project analysis.
  • Renewable energy certificate (REC) purchase options.

For customers who have goals to use renewable power, Delta supports them by evaluating whether direct purchase of such power or consideration of their own on-site renewable power technologies are most appropriate.  Such technologies can include direct use of landfill gas, power generated from landfill gas (or other biogas), combustion, solar panels or wind turbines.

Our understanding of the availability, markets and costs of these technologies helps customers to understand the option that makes sense for them without having to invest their time.  Our relationships with renewable energy project developers and brokers also help us to know where the projects may fit geographically.

Delta’s renewable power rate modeling service allows customers to address important board, investor and supply chain renewable energy requirements with the most cost-effective technologies over the long term.  On the gas side, we can recommend appropriate biogas “basis” discounts to NYMEX for long-term supply agreements.

Contact us to discuss your renewable energy procurement goals and objectives