Regulatory Intervention/ Legislative Impact Analysis

Delta Energy Services’ customers have a significant portion of their operating costs allocated to electricity and natural gas use.  Fluctuations in fuel costs driven by international, federal and state regulations and legislation can have a meaningful impact on their financial statements.  At the same time, most of our customers do not have dedicated staff engaged in government affairs or regulatory analysis. 

Delta’s engagement in the North American energy market and our internal monitoring of energy and environmental regulatory and legislative developments allows us to identify the issues which impact our customers’ locations, and to advise our clients on how to mitigate the impact.  

Understanding future regulatory and legislative changes allows our customers to:

  • Consider capital investments that improve energy efficiency and/or reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and carbon footprint
  • Evaluate alternative fuel investments or purchases that will help manage their energy costs.

In addition, from working with our international associates in the Energy Experts Alliance, we are intimately familiar with international regulatory changes and carbon emissions reporting requirements. Our peers in Europe, South America and Australia are experts in the local markets.