Energy Efficiency Consulting

Energy Efficiency/Sustainable Energy Plant Upgrades
Delta provides strategic consulting and advising for energy efficiency related projects. We focus on understanding the goals and objectives of the client and all stakeholders, and then help evaluate the project and payback timelines for energy efficiency plant upgrades. We have advised clients on projects including solar, wind and co-gen.

Tax Incentives
Delta also advises clients on the rebates and energy tax incentives available through government and electric and gas utility programs which may help fund energy efficiency plant upgrades.

Customers can normally improve ROI and project payback by securing these incentives, some of which can be layered or added together for multiple incentives.

Green Energy Purchases
Delta can include green energy or REC's as part of your strategic energy sourcing strategy. We can also ensure the guarantee of origination (GOO) for the Green Power if required.

Contact us to discuss your energy efficiency goals and objectives