Energy Price Management

Providing sophisticated energy price management strategies and services is one of Delta Energy Services’ core strengths.  Delta’s goal through the provision of our risk management services is to help customers reduce energy supply costs and manage client portfolios against unwanted exposure and energy price risk.

Consistent with other Delta service offerings, price management strategies are customized to best meet the specific needs and profile of our clients.

Our process can be summarized as follows:

 Risk Assessment phase  Determine
Identify and
portfolio risk
 Develop "customer
specific" market
approach to manage price and procurement
activities within
acceptable tolerance
Review results
and business
changes, and
make adjustments
for continuous


The graphic below illustrates the broad scope of information  involved in the risk assessment phase, which helps us to establish our strategy and identify appropriate price triggers.


In the strategy development, based on your objectives and budget tolerance, we identify price targets by leveraging real-time market intelligence and a variety of market analysis tools available to our team of energy managers. Delta’s process incorporates fundamental, technical and customer inputs to develop your customized energy hedge strategy.

Once the strategy is established, discussed, and agreed upon with the client, Delta will actively monitor the market relative to the approved targets. We provide reporting promptly after any transactions have been executed and we meet with our clients regularly to review the strategy and evaluate performance.

Contact us to discuss your price management goals and objectives