Energy Data Management

  • Did you know data integrity is one of the most common challenges facing businesses today?  How accurate is the data you are using to build your energy budget, energy price forecasts and energy procurement contracts on?
  • Is having a 70% accurate picture of your trailing twelve month energy spend good enough for you, or do you want to be 100% confident in your forecast?

Accurate energy data analytics, energy invoice validation and energy invoice processing is an integral element of a solid energy management strategy. The data collection and reporting tools of Delta Energy Services’s proprietary Utility Invoice Management System is built to specifically accommodate energy related information. 

Delta delivers significant value and savings to our customers through our detail-oriented data management processes, whether you have a small number of sites to manage or hundreds. 

We believe the keys to strategic energy management through successful data management are:

  • Capturing and verifying accurate energy invoice utility and supplier data in a timely manner
  • Ensuring that ALL data is captured and no invoices are missing
  • Full rate modeling for invoice and tariff analysis
  • Being well-informed of changes in the marketplace which effect rates and invoices
  • Integration of customer specific performance metrics
  • File transmission for populating ERP, AP, and GL systems