Opportunities with LNG/CNG

Advancements in drilling techniques have led to increases in natural gas production in the United States in recent years.  Due to increased production, prices for natural gas are forecast to remain relatively low in coming years, making natural gas an attractive fuel option for many uses including fuel for transportation or the replacement of existing energy sources to natural gas.
As the opportunity to convert to domestically sourced natural gas becomes more evident and economical, there are new technologies being developed to incorporate it into daily operations, for example the use of compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles for transportation (fleet conversion), maritime shipping operations and railroad transportation.
While this opportunity is attractive, there are capital costs required for conversion or for the purchase of new equipment to make use of natural gas possible.
To assess whether this solution fits for your organization, it is necessary to be diligent in regards to strategy development, analysis of ROI, understanding of needs and requirements for conversion, operations, CNG station facility training and maintenance, choosing a CNG/LNG supplier for a likely long-term contract, CNG/LNG procurement, and development of a risk management strategy to protect future economics. Ideally, all of these pieces will be in place before you make the decision as to what is best for your organization.
If you are ready to take advantage of the opportunity that domestically sourced natural gas provides, the team at Delta is prepared to provide you with a complete analysis of the alternative fuels that match your objectives, as well as an assessment and project plan to evaluate and understand what the conversion will cost and how you can protect and maximize your savings potential.
We also have a trusted network of providers to assist in fleet conversion, CNG/LNG station construction, maintenance and training, should you decide to move forward with conversion. Finally, with our extensive history in the natural gas market and known network of reliable suppliers, the team at Delta is guaranteed to find the best CNG/LNG procurement for your needs, and can develop a risk management strategy to ensure your pricing remains in your control into the future to protect against the volatility of the market. 


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