Delta delivers additional value with custom Data Management Services

SERVICE DESCRIPTION: Invoice Auditing, Invoice Processing, Data Management
CLIENT INDUSTRY: Manufacturing
SITUATION: The client, a Fortune 500 manufacturing company, utilizes Delta for a complete portfolio of energy management services including Strategic Energy Procurement, Budgeting, Forecasting, and Data Management, including Consumption & Cost Reporting. This report, which gives an overview of the client’s energy use and spend at their nineteen North American manufacturing facilities, required that Delta collect the client’s energy invoices. In the process of collecting those invoices, Delta realized the client had incurred significant late fees from various utilities and suppliers in multiple states during the previous twelve months, due to routing and approval delays.

Based on the amount of late fees, Delta was confident we could deliver additional value by incorporating Invoice Processing and Invoice Auditing Services to the client’s overall energy management strategy. The obvious financial benefits motivated the client to adopt the additional
service offerings.

Through implementation of the Invoice Processing Service, Delta began receiving the client’s electric and natural gas bills directly from the utilities and suppliers. To execute the service, Delta’s IT team developed a custom, one-click report that integrates directly with the client’s Accounts Payable software system. This process ensures the invoices are delivered upon receipt to the correct department for on-time payment. In addition, copies of utility and supplier invoices for all of the client’s North American manufacturing locations are uploaded and integrated with other data readily available to them on Delta’s “Energy Center” website.  

The client also followed Delta’s recommendation to utilize our premium Invoice Auditing Service. Delta’s Integrated Services Team created custom rate calculation models for each of the billing utilities and suppliers, which verify each bill to the penny before being approved and sent to the customer for payment.

The addition of both services provided quantifiable benefits soon after implementation. In a six month period, Delta’s team found two significant billing errors, one in the amount of $191,000 on a supplier invoice, and a rare $143,000 error on a utility invoice. Other clients on the utility were also being billed incorrectly, but it went undiscovered until Delta identified the error and the utility corrected their system.  

While these are two notable amounts found through the Invoice Management Service, numerous smaller amounts have been found and corrected as well.

Delta’s Integrated Services Team takes tremendous pride in delivering measurable results for clients. This was validated by the Energy Procurement Manager for the company, who stated, “We appreciate Delta’s flexibility in customizing their services to meet our changing needs. We continue to be impressed with Delta’s passionate Integrated Services team as they have identified and recovered real invoice savings in excess of $300,000 in a period of just six months, which otherwise would have been paid. We recognize the value of our integrated business partnership with Delta and look forward to further energy cost reductions.”

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