International Energy Management Consulting Services

International Energy Procurement

A core service of the Energy Experts Alliance is strategic energy procurement, including natural gas, electricity,  petroleum products and alternative energy sources. A significant benefit of the Alliance is our local experts in the market, who have an understanding of the local procurement process and long-standing relationships in the area.

Global Energy Data Collection

Global Energy Data Management ensures transparency and control of energy expenditure. Our global reporting platforms are capable of delivering a substantial return on investment in a short amount of time. Services include data collection, data analysis, invoice processing and enhanced invoice auditing, and reporting options that display data in total, by a country or region, or at the plant level.

Price Risk Management

Price Management is a unique process for building the ideal strategy to fulfill our customers’ goals.  It includes a thorough Strategy Development process in collaboration with the client, as well as market and regulatory analysis by our shared project team of Energy Experts.

Sustainable and Renewable Energy Services

With extensive experience in developing and implementing cost-effective energy efficiency and carbon management solutions, our teams assist clients locally and internationally  in reducing their energy usage and carbon footprint. Our international reach provides us with knowledge and insights into the Global Carbon Market, and in-depth understanding of the Certificate market and available trading opportunities.

Global Energy Reporting Software

ExecuView Global is the Energy Management reporting portal of the Energy Experts. The platform delivers all of the information you need, when you need it and enables you to review your energy costs, consumption and carbon emissions locally, regionally and globally.