The Energy Experts Alliance provides energy management expertise across four continents, including Europe, North America, South America and Australasia.

Created to offer a global solution that meets the energy management and data reporting needs of industrial and commercial clients with facilities around the world, the Energy Experts Alliance combines international reach with local expertise.

Each Alliance member is a leading energy management provider in their home market. As independent privately held companies, Alliance members offer objective energy management, procurement and project advisory services.

Working closely with local and international clients to manage the complexities of the evolving energy and carbon market, the Energy Experts Alliance assists clients in managing their energy demand, costs, efficiencies, risks and global energy reporting.

The Alliance povides clients with access to consolidated, standardized data for energy cost, consumption and carbon reporting across all of their facilities worldwide with our Global Energy Portal, ExecuView Global. 

The Energy Experts Alliance consists of Alfa Energy (Europe), Delta Energy Services (North America), Comerc Energia (South America) and EnergyAction (Australasia), and combines more than 350 energy experts in 25 offices worldwide, serving 1,300 clients.